Bookings Reopen Friday 22 October to non-Park Orchards members

Our booking system allows you to book coaching in blocks. At this time you can only book up to 45 days in advance.

Some tips when making your booking:

  • Be sure to select the date and the timeslot to continue to the booking screen.
  • Once the timeslot is selected the continue button will appear. This may require a double tap on mobile device.
  • If registering more than one participant, please use the parents’ details as the main contact.
  • There are some issues booking on Samsung mobile which we are trying to resolve, please use a computer if this issue occurs for you.

All attendees must have a valid Off-Road Auscycling license. Beginners starting out can obtain a 4 week free trial membership.

You can change or cancel your booking here.

Important notes

  • Be sure you have a valid Off-Road Auscycling license. 
  • Please check-in and observe all current COVID requirements with regards to masks and social distancing.
  • You will be asked to prove your vaccination status. Please come prepared with this information.